Welcome to our testimonials page. Here we would like to share with you the thoughts of our clients and their families.

“My mother-in-law has a high quality, individually tailored care plan, where her personal needs and preferences are acknowledged and, where possible, met. Liz has recognised the importance of continuity of care by providing one main carer, responsible for day-to-day support, but also introduced another person, for when her main carer is not available.

We really appreciate how Liz and her team recognise that my mother-in-law’s requirements are ever changing and her plan has an inbuilt flexibility to accommodate this, but at all times it is clear what we can expect from the team. Her need for personal and practical care is met with efficiency, compassion and patience. Her main carer now has such a wonderful rapport with her that she has quickly learned to accept the most intimate of care with the minimum of embarrassment. The planned duration of each visit allows for companionship and social interaction, so vital when a client with dementia requires time and opportunity to process events and new information, and express concerns or uncertainty. We feel that Liz and her team are there to meet my mother-in-law’s needs, and she is not expected merely to fit in with their timetable. They support her where she needs assistance, but encourage her independence and offer her choices, even when this means tasks take longer to complete. For instance, choosing her own clothes each day, even when it can become a protracted activity, helps maintain her sense of identity.

Liz ensures the visits are always on time and the service, whether for domestic, or personal care, is utterly reliable and to an excellent standard. Detailed records are kept of each visit, including mood, nutritional intake and any medication administered.”

Margaret W – Northampton

“I have entrusted the care of my partner to the team behind Personalized Homecare since December 2009, covering all aspects of our daily requirements and taking over when I get away on my all too infrequent respite breaks.  Unlike other “care” companies they are staffed by professional people who actually care, and I highly recommend them to you.”

Steve A –  Northampton

“I have know Mrs Moss for some 11 years and have long held her and her team to be the absolute best in the provision of homecare. In all these years she, and her team, have unfailingly provided care of the topmost quality for my late wife, for six and half years, and domestic help both before and after my wife’s death in June 2016. I have no difficulty or doubts in heartily recommending Ms McHugh and her company to anyone in need of homecare, confident in the knowledge that they would be getting the best care there is- a company of Rolls-Royce quality.”

Ian S –  Northampton

“Having had various carers for over 3 years we have finally found a caring, reliable and friendly team that assist with the specialist requirements that our mother needs.
We would highly recommend anyone that needs personalised care to use Personalized Home Care Ltd.
Thanks to the team for their hard work!”

Robert –  Northampton

“For the last year Liz, Nicole and their team have been visiting my 96 year old mum three times a day to get her a meal and check all is ok. They are always reliable and I am more than happy with the service they provide.”

Paula S –  Northampton

“Many thanks to Liz and all her team at Personalized Care for the unwavering care given to our Mother. They will often go the extra mile to support family and carry out the assuring attention of care.”

Michael J –  Northampton

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